Praise & Kind Words

Heather is an intuitive healer by nature. She knew exactly how to read my energy and mood and worked flexibly with what I brought to the sessions to give me exactly what I needed in that moment. Each session being completely different from the other, she has a deep intuition that she confidently taps into to guide her to where the healing needs to flow.
Heather brought herself fully to each session and I felt held and so keenly focused on. Heather has an open energy and an aliveness that’s unmatched by anyone I know and she puts her heart and soul into her healing practice. I will highly recommend her to anyone who wants help to realign with their purest energy flow.
- Barbara Santen
Transformational Coach for Women

I feel very blessed to have met Heather. There have been a lot of moving pieces

in my life, from figuring out what's next career-wise to healing physical and emotional imbalances. Heather listens very closely and brings an amazing, heartfelt objectivity that's helped me completely redefine and update my perspective in game-changing ways.


The energy work always feels very powerful and rebalancing, and Heather's intuition is right on point. I love the feeling I have after a session - lighter in my thoughts, grounded and relaxed, ready to follow through on steps I need to take with a refreshed, calm mindset. Heather is a wonderful, supportive companion and guide in gaining clarity, seeing my own strengths and moving through the world in a more authentic way.


     - Anastasia

I'm very fortunate to have Heather in my life.  She is a wonderful being.  I feel she can relate to me and help me sort my thoughts out when I have trouble on my own. 


Being a sensitive soul myself, Heather helps me re-gain balance when I struggle.  When she does energy work with me I feel so relaxed and safe.  I love how she opens me up and gets things flowing again.  I feel revitalized and giddy and ready to take on the world again.


Thank you for being there for me Heather.


- Megan

Heather is a powerful healer.  When she told me about her work I was no stranger to energy healing and knew the benefits, so I was totally on board to give it a try.  Still, I was surprised and delighted to find out that there was a whole other dimension, and potency, to it.


My first journey, for that’s what every session is for me, I was very quickly relaxed and in touch with my spirit children who were there to assist.  I was lifted out of my body and taken to a place of light where my heart was cleansed and I was born anew.  I created a beautiful garden and was returned to earth and given my wings.  And even though I had lain peacefully on the table the whole time, my shoulders and back ached the next day as though I’d done intense physical exercise.   I experienced a release of anxiety that had become habitual, a strengthening of my trust in my spiritual path, clarity and an increase of energy.


On my next journey with Heather I was joined by “Grandmother” in the dark womb of creation and was initiated into role of creator.  In another we worked in the lower vibration of the physical body.  Each journey is unique and another new level of knowing myself.  As I continue to experience these treatments I become more aware of my strengths and abilities, and less afraid to exist in this world… and ultimately free myself to share myself and my work.


I see Heather regularly now.  When I have a physical discomfort or ailment it is eased and healing is faster.  When I have done a lot of processing or releasing it feels like a shower washing away the residue of old thoughts and patterns.  When I already feel good, it’s like a boost of clarity and power.   Each visit I get in touch with my higher self and each time it gets easier and easier to be in alignment and hang on to that alignment when I’m back in the world.  Like meditation it is becoming a practice.  


I have already recommended Heather many times and will continue to do so.  As a teacher of vocal arts and psychotherapist in training I am well-acquainted with body and spirit work, after all the goal of both of these arts is liberating our true physical and spiritual voices, so we might have true communication with another.  Heather’s work, similarly, heals the soul so we might communicate on the deepest level…  What a blessing…


- Rhonwen Derbez

Vocal Arts Instructor