raise your vibration

It's time for a change. For a shift. And here you are. You are welcome.



For those of us on the path of Awakening we're learning how to recognize, embrace and integrate the higher frequency energies that will bring us more consciousness and peace. This process entails clearing the lower frequencies from our energy system that are interfering with us being who we actually are - and living the inspired lives that we yearn for.


Of course, this is no easy task. It calls on the Spiritual Warrior within us to come forth. It requires immense courage to dive deeper. Fortunately, the gift of becoming a Sovereign Being is undeniably worth it!


Who are you? Like many of us, you carry a lifetime of generational trauma that manifests as physical and emotional pain that comes and goes... and comes back, again and again.


Surely, there's more to life than these repeating debilitating patterns that seem beyond our control - that have become normalized over time.


Why are you here? Because you're now feeling that there is nothing 'normal' about this state of affairs that leaves us feeling some combination of numbness, futility, frustration and anger interspersed with occasional beautiful moments.


Few, if any of us, can travel this road alone. I am here to help you on your journey. Through dialogue and hands-on healing work the wisdom of Source in me meets the wisdom of Source in you and fundamental healing takes place. Your vibrational frequency is raised to a new level and you gain an illuminated perspective on your experience. Working with me you can expect to feel better, have greater clarity, a broader awareness and become inspired to live your life's purpose.