Few, if any of us, can travel this road alone...

For those of us on the path of Awakening we're learning to listen to the pain and discomfort in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies so that we may understand its purpose and clear it from our system and our legacy. This is not an easy task. It requires fierce determination and, at points, leaps of faith. But the gift of becoming a Sovereign being is undeniably worth it.


As a Spiritual Guide, I am tuned into the deep truths and universal laws that harmonize life. To throw off your mind and evoke your heart I may gently challenge a belief or a clinging ego, or perhaps put a new frame on something old or offer a fresh perspective to try on. 


As an Intuitive Energy Healer, I work on the level of the soul and in the higher dimensions where there is sovereignty in the energy field.  My work anchors this alignment into the core of your being through the more dense energetic and physical body where we have distortions (ie) faulty beliefs, compulsive thinking, patterned perceptions, frozen blocks and dis-ease.


When our energy system is cleared and gets aligned with this higher frequency energy, it repairs and strengthens as needed, supporting us to come into harmony with our multidimensional selves so we may gain an illuminated perspective on our experience.


Are you challenged on your journey with physical pain and/or emotional obstacles (fear/anxiety/depression, shame, guilt, anger/addiction) or find yourself lost without purpose or inspiration? I offer a safe and loving space from which you can connect with your higher self, so you can awaken to your essential nature.


How is this Upliftment accomplished?


I help you to engage with the deeper meaning behind your physical, emotional and spiritual misalignment via two complementary approaches:


 (1) Dialogue: Providing tangible insight regarding your specific mind-body relationship and how that plays into your discomfort or pain.

 (2) Table Energy Work: Releasing the energy blocks within your body that are preventing a healthier and more enjoyable existence; that are muddying the heart connection.


I have found that the blending of these two pathways enables us to receive the message, accept the teaching and transmute obstacles into profound growth.


I am here to help you on your journey.  May this simple and profound soul work bring you the peace you're looking for. Working with me you can expect to feel better, have greater clarity and become connected to your life's purpose.

Toronto, ON 647.668.5699