Profound Healing for Awakening Souls

As the old systems, structures and psyche that built them breaks down, conscious awareness is rising. We're being called to slow down, deeply listen, restore ourselves, each other, our planet and gently release the old so we may be empty and alive to the new.  Acknowledging, Integrating, Letting go, Moving Through, Releasing, Surrendering, is the healing work. 

As an Energy Healing Therapist and Spiritual Guide, I help bring your body, mind and soul to stillness so you can recover yourself, and live with integrity and peace. 

This is for you...

Everything Is Fine But...

Your life is fine, the basics are all covered, you've ticked off some boxes but...

you're not feeling satisfied, you lack the passion you think you should have, there's some aspects of life that don't feel right, you have a niggling feeling.


When we find ourselves bored in life it can be a wonderful entry point into soul work. We're being called to go deeper into ourselves to unearth more truth so we can live with greater purpose.

I'm Ready For An Upgrade

You're spiritually aware, it's how you live but you're moving through some "stuff" and want support to release old patterns.


Conversation topics include

  • Stabilizing and grounding spiritual insights
  • Depersonalizing clearing
  • Your practice and accountability
  • Maintenance work

Understanding Illness from a Spiritual Perspective

We're moving beyond the medical model template of healing that involves; "fighting",  "battling", "eradicating", "killing".  These terms are at odds with our soul.  There is another way and it involves, supporting, acknowledging, accepting and harmonizing.  This is soul work. 


If you're a caregiver for someone who is dealing with illness or if you've been living with a condition or disease or have recently been diagnosed I will help you make a holistic paradigm shift so you can begin to heal by:

  • Seeing illness for what it is; an opportunity for healing your relationship to yourself
  • Understand how illness and disease speak to us
  • Learn how to see yourself beyond illness
  • Learn how to come into acceptance of your condition
  • Learn a healing perspective to share with family and friends
  • Learn how familial patterns have shaped your energy patterns and how to release them.

Support Through a Life Transition

With growing awareness of our society's mental health epidemic it's clear that we can't walk this journey alone.  There are times when we need support, a soft place to land where we can be still in ourselves, consider other perspectives and find the clarity we seek so we can take our next step.


I invite you to connect for a complimentary 15minute call where we can both get a sense of the kind of support you need at this time.

Services offered include:

  • Telephone support calls
  • Skype sessions
  • In person Spiritual Counsel
  • Hands on Energy Healing Therapy