About Heather Azima

Intuitive Energy Healer & Spiritual Guide

My work is informed by over 20 years of accumulated healing wisdom and guided by my high-sense perception. The foundation of my healing work comes from 3 years training in Barbara Brennan's method of Hands on Healing Science and blended with training in Bio-Energetics, Mind-Body Medicine, Shamanism, Counseling and Massage.


In 1999, I began my formal studies at Transformational Arts College in Toronto where I was introduced to a wide range of healing modalities and body-work including, Holistic Nutrition, Holographic Release Work, Herbology, Chakra Studies, Reiki, Massage and Medical Intuition.


In 2006, I met Cynthia McCormack, founder of Creative Healers Institute, and for the next 3 years deepened my understanding of the human energy field, the unseen world and myself. In 2007, I become a mother and a dedicated stay at home presence in the lives of my family. In 2012, I was inspired to create WiseMama Childbirth Education and Doula Services, supporting women through the journey of pregnancy to motherhood from a holistic and spiritual perspective. After a few years of helping women embrace motherhood I felt called again to go deeper into my healer-ship and recommitted myself to my practice.


I used to wonder why it was taking me so long to do my practice in earnest. Now I know these seeming gaps and spaces in fully realizing my practice were "the work" - the shadow work of marriage, motherhood and relationships; of becoming and belonging.


With this experience and knowledge, and my own healing, in hand, I offer you my services. I would love to help you on your healing journey.


My Journey Through the Dark

Like many spiritual children, I felt out of place in my world though I had a strong knowingness of the way things should be. I seemed to know things that others didn't and I could see through the fog and addiction in my family, the half-truths at school and the systems I had to engage with. I, like many Sensitives, experienced deep loneliness and alienation during my school years, coupled with trauma and neglect.


In an attempt to override these painful knowings, feelings and experiences, I tried on many hats through the years; Successful Overachiever, People Pleaser, Rebel, Warrior, Seductress, Teacher, Healer but no matter what role I played, my light felt diminished. I found myself a meek representation of who I felt I knew myself to be. I went through a long period of using co-dependence, the retreat of depression and the secret power and comfort of addiction to cope with living. All the while, I was in training and desperate to know God (Source, Truth, The Way).


My path was arduous and there were excruciating times where the veil between worlds was thin for me. But the glorious moments of being alive compelled me to continue doing my work until one day... I happened upon my homecoming. This is the medicine I stand in and my offering here. 


Profound Healing for Awakening Souls

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Heather Azima

Intuitive Energy Healer & Spiritual Guide

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