Spiritual Guidance & Energy Healing Therapy

Energy Healing Treatments combined with Spiritual Guidance align, clear and strengthen your bio-field, raising your vibration so you can see the larger vision of your life and hold a more balanced perspective. Even after the first treatment, most clients feel more grounded, balanced and connected to themselves.


For some, a single visit provides them with the clarity they have been seeking to break through their current obstacle. Most clients will benefit from the consistent support and guidance that comes from 5 or more treatments. After all, our issues have emerged over a lifetime(s) so it usually takes time and help to be able to hold the new higher frequency – and to anchor it.


Single Session - $125**


5-Session Package - $550


The 5 sessions will be spread out over however much time feels right for you as you integrate your healing. On average, sessions take place every 2-3 weeks – with email/text support between sessions.


Spiritual Guidance

Telephone/Skype Session - $60 per hour ($250 for 5-hour package)


Telephone/Skype sessions are a great option for those of you who cannot attend in person or who prefer this mode of communication. I am here to help you identify patterns that no longer serve you and offer suggestions for change in a compassionate way; while providing an illuminated perspective on your life challenges.


If you feel very drawn to working with me but cannot afford my fee please get in touch and we'll see what we can work out.


** You are welcome to come for the first session and then put the money towards the 5-session package if you wish you continue.






Profound Healing for Awakening Souls

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Heather Azima

Intuitive Energy Healer & Spiritual Guide

heather@healing-one.com or 647 668-5699


Appointments available in Toronto & Horseshoe Valley